Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ear Pulse Oximeter - For Poor Circulation

Pulse oximeters are typically placed on the finger to obtain an oxygen saturation (SpO2 %) reading.  You can also get a reading from the toe and the forehead.   Unfortunately there are many people who have extremely poor blood circulation.  Even the best oximeters on the market can't get readings off of the finger and/or toe if the blood circulation is poor enough. 

The earlobe is an excellent alternative location to obtain an oxygen saturation reading.  The head is rich in blood and the earlobe has enough surface area with pulsating capillary beds to use an ear clip sensor.

Turner Medical sells a variety of ear clip sensors from Nonin, Smiths-BCI and GE Healthcare.  Ear clip sensors require a handheld or tabletop pulse oximeter.  All of the handheld and tabletop oximeters we sell come with a finger sensor but we can swap out the finger sensor for an ear sensor.
We have configured our best selling handheld, the Nonin 8500 with an 8000Q2 ear clip sensor for just $325. 
Nonin has also created a video on how to properly use the ear clip sensor:


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